Southwestern Lamps

Southwestern Lamps
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Casual Pot with Ribbed Accent

Height: 29.5"  Finish: Rio/Jade Accent  Shade Size: 13x15x11  Shade#: D..


Iron Arrow Table Lamp

Height: 31"  Shade Size: 7X16X12  Shade#: WC-500  Finish: Kodiakl W/Sil..


Iron Bow & Arrow with Quiver Floor Lamp

Ht: 61.5in  Shade Size: 7X20X13  Finish: Riverwoods  Shade#: WC-715  ..


Iron Bow & Arrow with Quiver Table Lamp

Height: 31.5in  Shade Size: 7x16x12  Shade#: WC-715  Finish: Riverwood ..


Iron Floor Lamp with 4-Legs & Collar Accent

Ht: 64in  Shade Size: 14X18X11  Finish: South Western  Shade#: SW-6B  ..


Iron Floor Lamp with Braided Wire

Ht: 65  Shade Size: 14x18x11  Shade#: WR-6B  Finish: Native  Finial: ..


Iron Rod Table Lamp 12-R46D

Height: 30in  Shade Size: 13x16x10  Shade#: SW-11B  Finish: Cheyenne  ..


Iron Rod Table Lamp 12-R47A

Height: 30in  Shade Size: 13x16x10  Shade#: SW-5B  Finish: South Western&nbs..


Iron Table Lamp with 4 Legs & Collar Accent

Height: 32in  Shade Size: 13x16x10  Shade#: SW-12C  Finish: Honey W/Teal Acc..


Iron Table Lamp with Braided Wire

Ht: 32in  Shade Size: 14x16x11  Shade#: WR-6B  Finish: Rust  Finial: ..


Mediterranean Pot

Height: 32"  Finish: Sante Fe Shade  Size: 13x15x11  Shade#: SD-731&nbs..


Round Buffet

Height: 32"  Finish: Kodiak  Shade Size: 7x15x11  Shade#: CA-776  ..


Saddle Bag Pattern Pot

Height: 28"  Finish: Outback  Shade Size: 7x15x11  Shade#: SD-731 ..


Small Ginger Jar Lamp

Height: 27.5"  Finish: High Gloss Brick Red Glaze  Shade Size: 12x14x10  ..


Smooth Genie Bottle Pot

Height: 28"  Finish: Rio  Shade Size: 13x16x10  Shade#: DCA-773A  ..


Southwest Pot with Rhombus Accent

Height: 28.5"  Finish: Sante Fe  Shade Size: 7x15x11  Shade#: SD-732&nb..


Textured Genie Bottle Pot

Height: 26.5"  Finish: High Gloss Dark Brown  Shade Size: 13x16x10  Sha..