Western Lamps

Western Lamps
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3-Handle Pot with Lasso

Height: 30"  Finish: Firebrick  Shade Size: 6.5x18x12  Shade#: KT-..


3-Handle Pot with Lasso Table Lamp

Height: 30in  Shade Size: 6.5x18x12  Shade#: CL-415  Finish: Distressed Blac..


Bead Board Pot with Cowboy Scene

Height: 30"  Shade Size: (6X8)X(12X16)X11.75  Shade#: CL-452  Finish: D..


Bead Board Pot with Wagon Wheel Scene

Height: 30"  Shade Size: (6X8)X(12X16)X11.75  Shade#: CL-452  Finish: D..


Country Squire Table Lamp

Ht: 33in  Shade Size: 14x18x11  Shade#: WR-4C  Finish: Rust Streak  F..


Cross with Barbwire

Ht: 33.5  Shade Size: (6x8)x(13x18)x11  Shade#: KT-107  Finish: Rust Streak ..


Feather Trees with Cowboys by Campfire

Height: 24.5"  Finish: Burnt Sienna  Socket: 3-Wire (Night Light, Table Lamp o..


Horse Pot Table Lamp

Height: 30.5in  Shade Size: 6.5x18x12  Shade#: BL-645  Finish: Bronze  ..


Iron Accent Lamp with 4 Legs & Collar Accent

Height: 25in  Shade Size: 6x12x9  Shade#: CL-719  Finish: Rust Streak with J..


Iron Barbwire Table Lamp

Ht: 32in  Shade Size: 12x14x10  Shade#: WR-8A  Finial: F-51..


Iron Rod Table Lamp

Ht: 30in  Shade Size: 13x16x10  Shade#: WR7A  Finial: F53..


Iron S-Leg Horse Floor Lamp

Height: 61in  Shade Size: 6.5x18x12  Shade#: BL-645  Finish: Rust Streak&nbs..


Iron S-Leg Horse Table Lamp

Height: 31in  Shade Size: 7x15x11  Shade#: BL-645  Finish: Rust Streak ..


Iron Stack with Braided Wire Accent Lamp

Height: 24in  Shade Size: 10x12x9  Shade#: WR-10D  Finish: Rust Streaked&nbs..


Iron Stack with Braided Wire Floor Lamp

Height: 64in  Shade Size: 14x18x11  Shade#: CS-9A  Finish: Kodiak  Fi..


Iron Stack with Braided Wire Table Lamp

Height: 32.5in  Shade Size: 12x14x10  Shade#: CS-9A Finish: Kodiak  Finial: ..


Iron with Pine Trees & Cowboy Campfire Scene with Night Light

Height: 29"  Shade Size: 6.5X18X12  Shade#: WC-475  Finish: BURNT SIENN..


Iron with Rodeo Cowboy Floor Lamp

Height: 63"  Shade Size: 7X20X12  Shade#: WC-475  Finish: CHARRED ..


Iron with Rodeo Cowboy Table Lamp

Height: 31"  Shade Size: 6.5X18X12  Shade#: WC-474  Finish: CHARRED&nbs..


Raised Cross on Wooden Base Lamp

Ht: 31.5in  Shade Size: (9.5x14)x(12x16)x11  Shade#: CA-705  Finish: Chocola..